Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Learn about how to work with search engines, and get the best out of them. This course is intended for those who are looking to learn how to plan and execute an SEO strategy, or for those with some knowledge to get more depth of understanding.

Introduction to SEO

Learn the fundamentals of SEO, why people do it, and what this course covers.


What is SEO? What does this course cover? About indexing

Search Algorithms

On-page SEO

Technical SEO

Speed, Usability and Security

Learn how the speed, usability and security of your website are important to getting better rankings in search results.


What is page experience? Mobile usability Core Web Vitals and page speed HTTPS and security issues Manual actions

Backlinks and Authority

Learn how links from other high-performing sites can provide valuable authority and better ranking in search results.


What is a backlink? Measuring backlinks Negative SEO and toxic links Getting more backlinks

Planning, Tracking and Reporting

End of Course Quiz

Test your knowledge with our quiz. You’ll need an 80% mark to pass and gain your certificate.


End of course quiz