Marketing strategy

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Creating an effective and clear marketing strategy is key to ensuring your marketing activity is focused and provides the best performance. This course explains what a marketing strategy is, what it should contain and provides a template for building your own.

Introduction to marketing strategy

Learn what a marketing strategy is, and why a business needs one.


What is a marketing strategy? What does this course cover? Why do I need a marketing strategy?

Defining success

Identifying your audience

Learn why finding out more about your audience can help you find and engage them with your marketing activities.


Who are your customers? Creating customer personas Developing your personas

Competitor analysis

Learn why analysing the competition can help you stand out, and improve your marketing strategy.


SWOT analysis Identifying your closest competitors Finding your USP

Define your messaging

Learn how to highlight the strengths of your product or service, and give yourself a competitive edge.


What do you do best? Cognitive Biases Tone of voice Building consistency and your key messaging Creating your brand identity

Marketing channels

Learn about the different marketing channels available to you, and how to best use them to grow your business.


Choosing your marketing channels Paid search/SEM SEO Content marketing and PR Social media Podcasts TV, Radio and Print

Creating KPIs and tracking success

Learn how to create targets and KPIs for your business, so you can measure the success of your strategy.


Digital marketing measurement modelling Defining your KPIs and targets Budget allocation Analytics tools Tracking your success

Finalising your marketing strategy

Send your finished marketing plan for review and feedback.


Submit your marketing plan