Making the most of Google Ads

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Google Ads is a powerful marketing tool for almost any business. This course is designed for those who want to make the most of their Google Ads activity.

What is Google Ads?

An introduction to Google ads, and what we’ll cover in this course.


Why use Google Ads? What does this course cover?

Search Ads


Selecting the right keywords for your Search ads is vitally important to success.


Identifying your keywords Using Keyword Planner Keyword Psychology Finding the best match types Using negative keywords

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions make your ads larger and provide additional variety for users. Learn about the different kinds and what they do.


Types of Ad Extension How to best use Callouts and Sitelinks Structured Snippets Promotion Extensions Other Extensions

Display Ads

Display ads have changed a lot over the last several years. Learn how they work, and how to make use of them.


Uses of Display Ads What makes up a Display ad? CPC vs CPM Display Network targeting Available image sizes

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are built especially for ecommerce websites, and can provide amazing results.


Uses of Shopping Ads What makes up a Shopping Ad? Google Merchant Centre Organising your products

YouTube Ads

Engage with new and existing customers with video ads. Learn how they work and how to get the best from them.


Uses of YouTube ads What makes up a YouTube ad? Types of YouTube Ad Best practices for videos Budgeting for CPV

Campaign planning

Campaign planning is essential for optimal performance. Learn how to structure and build your ad campaigns for maximum results.


Campaigns and ad groups Working out budgets Ad scheduling Locations and languages Bid adjustments Calculating spend and spreading your budget

Optimisation and reporting

Once your ads are live, regular optimising and reporting is needed to keep them working at their best.


Defining success from Google Ads CPA and ROAS Optimising Search campaigns Optimising Display campaigns Optimising shopping campaigns


Reach out to existing customers and previous website visitors to improve your Google Ads results.


What is remarketing? Defining your audience Display remarketing Search remarketing YouTube remarketing Making use of frequency capping

Split testing and experiments

Test new formats, assets and copy with split testing.


What is a split test? The process for testing Best practices for testing

Performance Max

Learn how to get the most out of Google’s new fully automated Ad format.


Uses of Performance Max What makes up a PMax ad? How to set up Pmax for success How to refresh Pmax assets

Best practices